?????? WHY ??????

Why would anyone is their right mind want to make a crazy comittment to get on a bicycle at the top of the country, with no intention of stopping until they reach the bottom of the country? (A few people have suggested I should ride my GoldWing instead of a bicycle, but that wouldn't be quite the same) Some of my coworkers can only think of how much work it will truly be. I can only think of how much of a wonderful adventure it will be! To think of all of the new people that I will meet, and all of the wonderful lives that will be touched by being a part of this ride. How could I not be a part of something that does so much good for so many?

My philosophy in life is that what you do for yourself in life is not what truly matters. It is instead that which we do for others that makes us who we are. Whether it is something as simple as helping a stranger change a tire on a rainy night, or as magnificent as giving a donation of a pint of blood that helps someone live to see another day. It takes no real effort on our part to give of ourselves in this manner, it just takes the mindset to do so.

I am sure that many of you do similar good deeds. Perhaps you volunteer for Habitat for Humanity as I often do. Or perhaps you volunteer time with your church or civic organization. Or maybe you donate groceries to your local food bank or give money to the boy scouts. These are the things that make you more than just a body on this earth. These are the things that make you someone of honour, regardless of your standing in life.

I donate one of the Five Points of Life through platelet apheresis just about every 28 days like clockwork. It takes me only a few hours of time once a month. I have the benefit of being healthy and having a higher than normal platelet count, along with a higher than average blood volume (because of my size), so I can give a higher amount of platelets, thus helping more of those that need those platelets. What do I get in return? Once in a while I get a tee-shirt. Most of the time I get to watch a fairly recent movie. Oh, and they give me popcorn and snacks that I wouldn't normally eat, and they treat me like I am important. But what I really get out of it is the simple knowledge that someone's life is going to be better because I cared enough to give of my time for those few hours once a month. And that is enough for me.

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