Riding Motorcycle Escort at the Horse Farm Hundred - Photo Copyright 2001 Bill Castleman

This is me astride my scooter during the middle of a bicycle century ride. (A century ride is a 100 mile ride) No, I didn't ride my scooter instead of pedaling, I was riding as a motorcycle safety escort for the Horse Farm Hundred ride sponsored by the Gainesville Cycling Club. (And just in case anyone thinks I took the easy way out, I did ride 100+ miles the previous day in the Santa Fe Century, the other half of the Gainesville Cycling Festival)

I ride my scooter to work just about every day, through heat and rain and whatever comes up in Florida. (Which can be a lot at times!) I have had it since 1992, and it now has over 68,000 miles on it, so I guess you could say we get along well. Maybe it only seems fitting that a big adventure like the 2002 Five Points of Life Ride would at least see me staying on only 2 wheels?

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