2002 Five Points of Life Rider
Richard Ritari

 Richard at the end of 2,794.2 miles of riding.

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My name is Richard Ritari, and I have the honour of having been selected as a team rider on the 2002 Five Points of Life Ride. If you don't know what the Five Points of Life are, you should! (And not just because of me!)

The 2002 ride started out in International Falls, Minnesota (My home state for the first 36 years of my life) on September 1, 2002. Through a long and winding path, the international team of 10 riders found ourselves in Tampa Bay (As in Florida, the state that I have lived in since 1995) a mere 7 weeks later on October 19, 2002.

The ride is NOT a fund raising event. The purpose of the Five Points of Life Ride is solely to raise awareness of the Five Points of Life. I had to work hard to be one of the select few that got chosen for the 2002 ride. I didn't get paid in any way, and in fact I had to take 8 weeks of personal vacation from work to be a part of this ride. Maybe the question that many of you have is why would I do such a crazy thing?

During the duration of the ride itself, I kept a daily Ride Log, so that people could read my "word from the road" and follow our travels. I updated my on-line journal on a daily basis (At the end of every day of riding!), and it was amazing all of the lives that it touched in itself. While I was in the training phase, I spent many hours updating my training log, to show the steps it took to get me to the beginning of this grand adventure.

If you like what you see or have any questions or comments regarding my participation in the 2002 Five Points of Life Ride, please send me an email. For those of your considering being part of the 2004 Five Points of Life Ride (Which will go from Seattle, WA to Cape Canaveral, FL), please send me any questions you may have, and I will give you my personal inside secrets from an alumni perspective. (It is amazing how much easier I could do the ride if I had the chance to start all over!)

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